Vaughan L Smith

Hand carved tiles


The images created in the artwork here are made from layering four different colored clays. Once leather hard the tile is carved using fine pin tools. The frames are made by us from local barn wood. Sizes range from 6 inch square to  seven feet tall.

Classic Nova Scotia


Framed size 36x20inches. Titled "Bells Cove".

"Schooner Races"


Carved tile.

Hand made Pottery

Nova Scotia Schooner races


Thrown on a wheel these hand made pieces are carved and sculpted to give  a three dimensional effect.

Carved Jars


These jars are hand thrown and then coated with a black slip which when leather hard is carved away to create a drawing in clay. The technique is called Sgraffito. 

Thrown and handbuilt Teapot Sculpture.


After throwing the teapot by hand and forming clay slabs, the piece is carved to create a 3D effect. Then it is hand painted with under glazes.

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